Welcome to the English website of the Karelian Radio!!!


Although our radio station currently broadcasts only in the Russian, Finnish, Karelian and Vepsian languages, we warmly welcome our international listeners. Traditionally, most of our foreign listeners abroad have been Finnish nationals as well as American Finns.


The Finnish broadcasts were launched already in November 1926 - only half a year after the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE was founded. All the first employees were communists migrated from Finland. The department had difficult times during the years of Stalinism and as a result, Finnish programmes were replaced by broadcasts in the Karelian language in 1938. The Finnish broadcasts were still resumed in the following year as the Winter War against Finland broke out. The transmitting power was raised up at the same time to make the programmes easily audible in the whole Finnish territory.


Today You may hear us on our FM frequency 102.2 MHz from Monday to Friday at 04.10, 09.10 and 15.10 UTC in Russian, Finnish, Karelian and Vepsian. Some of our programmes can also be heard online. If you have received our transmission, we would be pleased to receive your reception report.


Our address:

ul. Pirogova 2

185 002 Petrozavodsk

Republic of Karelia



+7 (8142) 76 43 45



+7 (8142) 76 18 39